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Hockey Wrist Shot

Basic instruction and explanation of the hockey wrist shot. This video is brought to you by M2 Hockey, HockeyShare, and

Hockey Slap Shot

M2 Hockey (www.M2Hockey.com), HockeyShare (www.HockeyShare.com), and Kewl (www.KewlSports.com) bring you an instructional video on technique for hockey’s slap shot.

Backhand Shot

M2 Hockey presents basic technique for the backhand shot in hockey. For more videos, visit www.m2hockey.com

Off Ice Shooting Tips

Tips for practicing your hockey shot off ice. Use these techniques while you’re participating in HockeyShare’s 10,000 Pucks Contest –

Backhand Off Ice Shooting Tips

Some more tips for shooting off ice in the 10,000 Pucks (www.hockeyshare.com/10000pucks) contest. This video focuses on concepts for

Give & Go Shooting Skill Drill

This simple skill development drill focuses on quick passes, following the play up, and shooting in stride. For more

Quick Shooting Release

Basic technique for shooting off a single quick move. For more, visit us at www.hockeyshare.com/blog/

Shooting from a D to D Pass

Technique for shooting quickly at the point off of a d to d pass. For more tips, please visit

One Timers

This video covers the basic technique of taking a one-timer shot. For more tips and articles, visit us at www.hockeyshare.com