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Twist’s High Performance Hockey Conditioning Camp ’09

Be Ready for your opportunity next season!
Train where the best train…

The Best Hockey In-Home Workout Routine

This workout routine can be completed in your home and focuses on 8 exercises to prepare you for hockey season

USA Hockey Instructional Video “Off-Ice Training 1”

This is an instructional video from USA Hockey teaching an off-ice training circuit.

M2 Hockey Training – Pushup Routine

Welcome to the M2 Hockey Pushup Routine. If you’re looking for a quick way to blast your upper body, improve

Agility Ladder Drills for Hockey Players

Here are 3 quick drills you can do using an agility ladder to drastically improve your foot speed and quickness

Off Ice Shooting Games

4 fun games to keep your off-season shooting routine fresh.

Plyo Squat Jumps

The plyo squat jump works on an athlete’s stance and explosive power. Plyo boxes can be purchased from HockeyShot.com:

Lateral Plyo Box Walks

Off ice exercise to develop leg strength and range of motion power.