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Defensive Lateral Movement Tips & Drill

Some tips from M2 Hockey on working with your defensemen to move laterally at the point.

Defensive Shadow Drill

The defensive shadow drill works on defensive mobility, lateral movement, agility, and quick feet. This drill is brought to

Net Protection for Hockey Defensemen

This video explains how defensemen can use the net as protection against forecheck pressure and to make a better breakout

Defense Recovery

This quick video discusses how to know when you’re beat as a defenseman as well as how to recover and

Defense Keep-In Skill Development Drill

This hockey skill development video shows a simple drill to work with defensemen on keeping the puck in the zone.

Defensman Walk to Middle

This video explains the technique and options available for defensemen walking to the middle of the ice for an offensive

Defense Neutral Zone Transition Options

This video covers a few basic options for defensemen when retrieving the puck in the neutral zone. For more

Defensive Zone Pickup

This video covers the basics of picking the puck up in the defensive zone. For more tips, visit www.HockeyShare.com

Defensive Positioning

Basic overview of defensive side or proper positioning in the defensive zone. For this and more tips, visit us

Defense Agility “W” Drill

This multi-function skating drill is designed to work on skating and agility for defensemen. For more information and drills,