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NHL Goalies Hell

NHL Goalies Hell

Nhl Goalies Motivation

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Universal Hockey Training


Universal Hockey was established to provide world class hockey development instruction. Our main goal is to support our

BTNL No.1 Hockey Training Centre in the World

2007 NHL Draft. Sam Gagner to Edmonton. Stefan Legein to Columbus. Justin Vaive to Anaheim.

BTNL No.1 Hockey Training Centre in the World “The Time Is Now” HQ

Dont expect anything unless you’ve given EVERYTHING! The Time is NOW!



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Twist’s High Performance Hockey Conditioning Camp ’09

Be Ready for your opportunity next season!
Train where the best train…

BTNL No.1. Hockey Training Centre 2009 “Daydream”

“They say dream takes you to the next level. I say dream awake and GET BEYOND”


The Best Hockey In-Home Workout Routine

This workout routine can be completed in your home and focuses on 8 exercises to prepare you for hockey season

USA Hockey Instructional Video “Off-Ice Training 1”

This is an instructional video from USA Hockey teaching an off-ice training circuit.

Circle Pass Pivot

This simple skill-building hockey drill forces players to make good passes, keep their bodies in control through pivots, and always