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Universal Hockey Training

Universal Hockey Training


Universal Hockey was established to provide world class hockey development instruction. Our main goal is to support our students desire of attaining their objective within the game of hockey.

Universal Hockey’s unique and versatile training system ensures students effectively progress through the developmental stages of their youth and post pubescent period. Our teaching arrangement is structured to systematically develop the hockey player.

Universal Hockey demands our students aim toward a strong foundation of physical skill sets and mental toughness. This will reflect our students athletic character and surly aid in the on ice performance of our trained athletes.

Daniel Bochner developed Universal Hockey’s Elite Training System through extensive research of international training manuals from elite hockey nations, professional playing experience, creativity and innovation, and acquired skills and knowledge from previous trainers and coaches.

Elite youth, professional players, coaches, teams & organizations, private sports schools, international hockey associations, along with other hockey schools have all taken advantage of Universal Hockey’s expertise.

Universal Hockey offers a wide range of services related to all aspects of ice hockey development. Elite camps, Private/Semi-Private Lessons, Clinics, Consulting, Coach Mentoring, and Off Ice Training are just some of the professional services offered by Universal Hockey.