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BTNL No.1. Hockey Training Centre 2009 “Daydream”

BTNL No.1. Hockey Training Centre 2009 “Daydream”

“They say dream takes you to the next level. I say dream awake and GET BEYOND”

In this video: Peter Delmas, Nicolas Deschamps, Simon Despres, Sam Gagner, Stefan Legein, Matthew Hoyle , Michael Ouzas, Trevor Cann, Chris Carrozzi, Matt Brown, Morgan Ellis, Ryan Ellis, Dave Cianfini, Justin Vaive, Adrian Volpe, Tomas Stajan, Jake Laplante, Brent Vanderberg and other BTNL’s upcoming Hockey Superstars!




Sports Performance and Therapy Centre based out of Oakville Icesports, (just outside of Toronto, Canada) Dan Ninkovich, world renowned expert in Hockey Speed and Power Training, and BTNL elite bunch bring you another training clip! Enjoy! and…. Get Beyond!